Vineyard and Winery

Downtown Galena Tasting room

Downtown Galena Tasting room

8837 South Massbach Rd.

Elisabeth, IL 61028

Downtown Galena Tasting room

Downtown Galena Tasting room

Downtown Galena Tasting room

117 N. Main St.

Galena, IL 61036

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Because we believe great winemaking begins in the vineyard, we love to show you around where the magic of our wine is born, starting with how we cultivate our grapes and the land.

Or check out our events for special hay and wagon ride tours for more of an in-depth experience


SPRING IS BUDDING! SOCIAL DISTANCE PRUNING is complete! Most of March is spent outside in the Massbach vineyards pruning each vine back to control the crop load for the coming year. Winter pruning is the most important job in the vineyard and the most time consuming job. Travis and I have wonderful help from Rich Miche each year, but this year due to the shutdowns of our tasting room and schools, we had additional help from my kids and Massbach team members that mostly work in the store. THANKS KIDS! The vines look so much better than this time last year! The winter this year was much more mild and didn't have the damaging -35 degrees Fahrenheit like last year. So, the buds on the vines are much healthier to produce a more abundant crop. Meaning, more grapes and MORE WINE! The buds will be bursting soon with green leaves and we want you to come out and enjoy seeing the new growth. Hopefully this "shut down" will be lifted soon and you can join us. Until then, please stop by t

You can still pick up wine at the winey location daily!

A note from the winemaker...

Massbach Ridge Winery gives the experience of celebrating local wine in a scenic setting by members of the winery family you will soon call friends.

I’m Peggy Harmston, Winemaker and Owner of Massbach Ridge Winery.

I am inviting you to come out to our vineyard and winery to discover our fabulous wines, grown right here.

If you’ve discovered us already, THANK YOU!  (We ship! )

We’ve been here for over a decade and love to talk with people that keep coming back because they love the wine, friendly service and just sitting and enjoying each other: 

Either here at the winery (10 miles off Hwy 20) or at our downtown tasting room in Galena.

Whether you’ve been drinking fine wines for years or just starting to discover wine, we guarantee you will find a wine you love.