What's Happening At Massbach Ridge Winery

Federweiss: German term for Young Wine

Before wine is finished fermenting, the bubbles and natural sweetness from the remaining juice makes a lovely beverage. Burcek is the Czech term.
I prefer the whites (St. Pepin and Vignoles) but the light reds are enjoyable too. Our wines are done fermenting but I will be sure to let you know next year when you catch this unique drink.

Wonderful, Eventful time of Year!

Fermentation is in the air. Working with the new wines is always exciting. St. Pepin will be fermenting with a few hours; Foch is done; Frontenac to be harvested next weekend. Vignoles is ripening quick with this heat!
Getting excited for Vintage IL and Stomp on the 28th!

What a Great Weekend!

Thank you to all that visited the tasting rooms this weekend! It was great to see you.
Out at the vineyard, we covered a lot of ground through the Foch. We are going to pick some more Foch Wed and Thurs morning.

Harvest Approaching?!

Sun and heat are helping speed up the ripening process but harvest won’t start until August 31st. Preliminary tests show the grapes need a couple more weeks before they are ripe. A couple weeks later than usual harvest time will mean a very busy September. If you have an interest in helping pick and make some money for your organization or just to take part in the fun, call Megan or myself for more details. 815-291-6700

Pre-Harvest Celebration!

The weather is going to be perfect for our annual open house for you to view the ripening grapes. You can view while sipping on your favorite Massbach wine aboard a wagon being pulled through the vineyard. Andrew Houy will be with us again entertaining us with his wonderful voice and guitar. See you there!

Grapes are starting to turn!

Veraison is finally here! That is, the grapes are finally tunning color and softening. My favorite variety St. Pepin is looking gorgeous. The Frontenac grape, that makes our fabulous Traumen and Reserve, turned a deep purple last weekend making us exciting to get set for harvest.
To celebrate each year, we have a Pre-Harvest Festival for you to see the grapes ripening on the vine from a wagon pulled through the vineyard. All while listening to live music and sipping your Massbach favorite.
August 17th 11am to 5pm. See you there! Cheers,