What's Happening At Massbach Ridge Winery

Ready for Spring!

Pruning finished in Massbach on April 1st! A toast and celebration to the 2015 vintage. Pruning may be the most important job in the vineyard. We are cutting off most of last years growth shaping the vine for this years fruit. Depending on the indiviual plant’s vigor, we may take more or less. Unlike most crops in our area, more is note necessarily better. A grapevine needs to have a balance of quanitiy and QUALITY! This is why pruning is a very important time and labor intensive time of year. Until we see you again, Cheers!

Happy Easter!

We are closed on Easter Sunday to celebrate with our families.

Spring is HERE!

We are busy pruning and loving the temps! The Frontenac plants look tremendous forecasting a bountiful, flavorful crop. But, remember, the oak-aged wine from this year will not be released for another two years. Something to look forward to…
I will look forward to seeing you soon,

Watermelon Wine is a hit!

Those that got to sample the new wine smiled and expressed how they loved the sweetness and watermelon flavors. The Watermelon wine will be put away until later in the spring for Thomson, IL’s 150 yr anniversary. (Thomson is the “Watermelon Capitol” and where the melons were grown.) Be sure to visit us and ask about the Watermelon wine.

Happy New Year!

and Thank you for your business.


We have been hard at work in the winery the past weeks and are excited about the new wines being bottles for Nouveau Nov 21st. The Massbach Nouveau is light and fruity and received big smiles of approval from customers last weekend. 2014 St. Pepin is also getting bottled for release and was previewed by some case club members enjoying the new porch.
Besides these two new releases, Cherry Rose’ is back after a brief absence; refreshing as ever!
‘Til we see you again, remember “Every Day is a Celebration!”

Wine, Music and Leaves!

Enjoy a spectacular drive out to Massbach Ridge this weekend. The leaves are turning and there is music in the air! Mike Kelly will be playing on the deck this Saturday afternoon. So grab a friend to enjoy a glass of wine with and we see you soon!

HARVEST is done! How was the year?

“How were the grapes this year?” Many people have been asking so here are the pluses and minuses.
On the plus side – 1) Plenty of pretty St. Pepin; 2) Foch was more plentiful than last year and wine is developing with wonderful fruit flavors and beautiful color; 3) Concords came in juicy and flavorful; 4) The Frontenac harvested early pressed to more gallons of wine that aniticpated.
On the minus side – 1) The Frontenac harvested late lacked the yield I was hoping for due to raisoning and pest damage; 2) Not enough Vignoles vines produced to bottle a 2014 vintage of the wine…
I would love there to be no “minus” side, but this is farming folks; weather dependant.
In the end, the score is 4 to 2 with the “Plus” side winning!
Now, to get down to work and make the wine you expect – the best quality products around!
See you soon!