What's Happening At Massbach Ridge Winery


We have been hard at work in the winery the past weeks and are excited about the new wines being bottles for Nouveau Nov 21st. The Massbach Nouveau is light and fruity and received big smiles of approval from customers last weekend. 2014 St. Pepin is also getting bottled for release and was previewed by some case club members enjoying the new porch.
Besides these two new releases, Cherry Rose’ is back after a brief absence; refreshing as ever!
‘Til we see you again, remember “Every Day is a Celebration!”

Wine, Music and Leaves!

Enjoy a spectacular drive out to Massbach Ridge this weekend. The leaves are turning and there is music in the air! Mike Kelly will be playing on the deck this Saturday afternoon. So grab a friend to enjoy a glass of wine with and we see you soon!

HARVEST is done! How was the year?

“How were the grapes this year?” Many people have been asking so here are the pluses and minuses.
On the plus side – 1) Plenty of pretty St. Pepin; 2) Foch was more plentiful than last year and wine is developing with wonderful fruit flavors and beautiful color; 3) Concords came in juicy and flavorful; 4) The Frontenac harvested early pressed to more gallons of wine that aniticpated.
On the minus side – 1) The Frontenac harvested late lacked the yield I was hoping for due to raisoning and pest damage; 2) Not enough Vignoles vines produced to bottle a 2014 vintage of the wine…
I would love there to be no “minus” side, but this is farming folks; weather dependant.
In the end, the score is 4 to 2 with the “Plus” side winning!
Now, to get down to work and make the wine you expect – the best quality products around!
See you soon!

The Massbach STOMP! is this Saturday!

Outside WINE tasting under a new canopy!
Stompin’ in the vines!
Winery tours!
Specials on wine!
This is a celebration every year as we wind down from harvest. We look forward to see you!

The smell of fermentation is in the air!

The St. Pepin has some great fruit flavors and aromas in the juice; melon, grapeExcited about fermenting St. Pepinfruit, apple… Mmmm! Foch tasting nice too! The rest of the St. Pepin will get picked this Saturday. Hoping the Frontenac will benefit from another week or two on the vine.

Harvest starts Saturday!

A cool spring gave a slow start to the vines this year, but the grapes are finally ripening.  We will start picking a few acres of the Marachel Foch this Sat and Mon leaving most of the Foch to hang another week.  St. Pepin and Frontenac are looking beautiful on the vine and will be ripe in a few weeks.  The Concord? well,  I not sure if they will be ready by the STOMP, Sept 27th, but we will stomp some anyway.

We would love to have you take part in this exciting time of year!  Take part in the harvest during the mornings we are picking, or come later to view the processing and enjoy the “fruits of our labor”- WINE!

September video



Purple grapes…!

hanging sweetly from the vine. You will love a wagon ride through the vineyard this Saturday as we share about the vines and the wine. See ya then! Peggy

So Much FUN!

Wagon rides through the vineyard on Sat. Aug 23rd!  Music and Wine too!

The grapes will be ripe in a few weeks and they look beautiful especially on top of a wagon going through the vineyard.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what all goes into making Massbach wine.  See ya then!

Lawn shot



FAQ for the day – What food would pair well with this wine….?

We all hear of the correct pairings of food and wine makes everything taste better. Yes it is true. I LOVE my husband to season and grill up a rib-eye while I pour a couple glasses of Massbach Reserve. St. Pepin along with the Halibut is good too.
Cheese is also talked about quite a bit being paired with wine. I love having fun with this. I think we live in the perfect area to experiment with Massbach wine and all the great cheeses that Wisconsin produces. In fact, we will be having Cheese and Wine flights in the Galena tasting room soon.
BUT!…All this pairing talk comes down to this – drink the wine you like with the food you like. I believe the industry make this subject very intimidating and it shouldn’t be. If Stomp is your favorite Massbach wine, drink it with spaghetti and/or a steak.
Have fun with it and let us know what you discover! and remember
Every Day is a Celebration!