What's Happening At Massbach Ridge Winery

Bountiful Harvest!!!

Vignoles being pressedThe St. Pepin, Frontenac, Foch and Vignoles grapes are harvested and were beautiful!
Come celebrated with us this weekend!

Grapes will be turning color soon…

We are busy bottling the last of the 2014 vintages so come the end of August, tanks are ready to be filled up again with this year’s wine. The Foch is showing signs of mildew due to our wet summer, but whites look great so far….

Red, White and Blues!

Country music on the Winery porch Sun July 5th. Cheryl Niemo and the Down Home Boys will be playing from 1pm to 4pm. Bring the family out and relax with wine, views and music!

Summer is here?!?

Vines at the 1st of JuneThe vines are flourishing with these warm temperatures that have finally arrived. The shoots will soon be reaching for the ground painting the perfect picture.


Wine in Bloom Open House from 11am to 5pm will feature structured vineyard and winery tours. I’m thrilled Mike Kelly with be playing for us on the patio while you sip on your favorite wine.
See you then,

Vines are taking off!

The 2015 Vintage is underway, growing from buds into fruitful shoots.  Each warm day adds length to the tiny shoots.  Soon, the shoots will bend down and be almost touching the ground.  The view is pretty to see while enjoying a glass of wine on our new patio.

The other news for the week is Watermelon wine in on the shelf!

See you soon!


Ready for Spring!

Pruning finished in Massbach on April 1st! A toast and celebration to the 2015 vintage. Pruning may be the most important job in the vineyard. We are cutting off most of last years growth shaping the vine for this years fruit. Depending on the indiviual plant’s vigor, we may take more or less. Unlike most crops in our area, more is note necessarily better. A grapevine needs to have a balance of quanitiy and QUALITY! This is why pruning is a very important time and labor intensive time of year. Until we see you again, Cheers!

Happy Easter!

We are closed on Easter Sunday to celebrate with our families.

Spring is HERE!

We are busy pruning and loving the temps! The Frontenac plants look tremendous forecasting a bountiful, flavorful crop. But, remember, the oak-aged wine from this year will not be released for another two years. Something to look forward to…
I will look forward to seeing you soon,