What's Happening At Massbach Ridge Winery

Spring is upon us!

Buds are finally breaking from the grapevines in Northern Illinois. Bud-break is a term used to describe shoots starting to grow from the arm of the vine. Each shoot will produce two to three bunches of grapes. The time of bud-break varies from year to year. We have had bud-break as early as mid April. We have also seen years like this one where it isn’t until mid-May that we start to see growth. The heat of the sun will soon follow and the shoots will grow very fast to obtain the sunshine and create 2019’s fruit.

We love to celebrate this time of year by sharing the scenery and wines with you. We want to present each Mother with a flower on May 9th and 10th for Mother’s Day.

On May 25th, we have tastings out on the patio along with entertainment. See you soon,