What's Happening At Massbach Ridge Winery

Wine’s a Bloomin’!

Warm temperaturePre-Bloom St. Pepin grapes 2018rs are bringing out new shoots bearing new fruit.  The view of the rows of vines shooting towards the sky sparks excitement for the growing season.

We always welcome customers to stroll and take a tour through the vineyard to enjoy the romance of the vine’s love affair with the sun’s rays.  The tiny bunches of grapes are so cute this time of year, barely a pinky’s length.  Each minuscule grape will soon produce a tiny flower that can hardly be seen.  Then, “fruit set” will occur.  Each grapes will start as small as a pin head and grow to maturity.

June in Northwest Illinois is filled with similarly reawakening scenes of corn fields popping up in rows, hay fields of flowering clover and forests of fully leaved trees, all showing and growing their green life and beauty.

Autumn is not the only time to see the beauty of Northern Illinois.  The next few weeks are a great opportunity, not only to visit the winery to see the blooming bunches of grapes, but to also enjoy the beautiful hills while driving through Jo Daviess County.  You will also get the chance to try some of our newly released wines.

Until then,